Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing Oreo cookies.

— Diane Arbus

Hi, so you found me, I'm Zaan - proud husband, father and son.

I love animals, diving, computers and coffee, oh and did I mention I’m a bit of a nerd as well?

I grew up in Kareedouw, a small town near the Tsitsikamma in South Africa. I had a childhood that was filled with love, friends and happy memories. Mom loved animals and Dad made sure that we travelled Africa as much as we could. When I finished school, it was off to university and after 20 years of studying, travelling and working in different cities my heart yearned for the country. So my beautiful wife Su-Mari, our two cats and our soon to be born daughter moved back to the Tsitsikamma… home.

I fell in love with photography many years ago on the West Coast. It was a cool evening, and I was lying on my stomach, in the sand, photographing hundreds of seabirds with my Dad’s camera. I didn’t care that it was cold, or that the light was fading… all that mattered were those moments... I was forever hooked.

I love natural light and think some of the best photos are taken candidly when you forget the photographer is even there. My creative eye shines as the sun sets, and the shadows start dancing in the golden hour light. I am inspired by life, people and the moments we share. My goal is to capture those precious moments and the emotion experienced while they happen and in doing so together, you and I paint those memories.

I look forward to working with you and thanks for inspiring me!

Much love


Young Zaan, My brother Martin & my dad Henk on my first photo shoot! (Also known as running around with dad's camera. ☺ )

The First photo I ever took.